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Manicures and Pedicures - Pretty, and Healthy Too!

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

Many of us don’t give our hands and feet the proper care they need. In normal everyday activities, dirt and grime are bound to build up under our nails while skin can become rough and callous. Regular manicures and pedicures help you keep nails clean and skin feeling healthy. 


Here are four good reasons to have a regular mani-pedi:


  1. Your hands and feet are constantly growing new skin cells. In fact, the skin around your nails grows faster than most other parts of your body. Manicures and pedicures exfoliate the skin around the nails, rejuvenating the skin and making it smoother and healthier.
  1. Manicures and pedicures increase blood flow to the fingers and toes. Mani-pedis often include massages that help to promote the circulation of your blood. The increased blood flow helps distribute blood evenly throughout the body and nourishes the skin and nails.
  1. Good for your confidence. If you notice yourself opting for more open-toed shoes or talking with your hands a bit more than usual, it’s just your brain saying, “I look and feel GREAT!” Mani-pedis also allow you a designated time to relax your body and mind. So, show your nails some love because they’ll help you to look and feel your best!
  1. Mani-Pedis protect you from disease. It’s easy for hands and feet to become moist due to lifestyle choices, synthetic shoes, socks, perspiration, and so forth. This puts you at risk for infections and fungus. Even worse, because we often don’t pay close attention to our toes, the infection might not be noticeable until it is too far gone. Diabetics are especially at risk for infections of the feet and toes, so keeping up with the health of their feet on a regular basis is especially important.


Give your fingers and toes the TLC they deserve!


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