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Facial Exfoliation

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

You have a brilliant, shining layer of skin just waiting to be revealed to the world!!

Under the ragged and flaky upper layers of your epidermis, you have a brilliant, shining layer of skin just waiting to be revealed to the world. Regular facial exfoliation is one of the most important parts of facial skin care. When you exfoliate your face properly not only will your skin feel perfectly soft to the touch, it will also enhance your smile, the glow of your eyes and all the best features of your face. Here are some “Always” and “Never” tips so you can exfoliate your face like a professional at home.

Always use a quality brush. You could exfoliate with just your hands but brushes work better for 2 reasons. Good brushes, like wool facial brushes, are gentle on the skin and stimulate new cell growth. If you are a traditionalist use a wool brush. They have been trusted by face experts for decades. If you want to try the latest in facial exfoliation use a Konjac facial sponge. They are infused with vitamins that will revitalize the lower layers of your skin while removing the flaky dead layers at the top.

Never be rough with your skin. Be gentle, and trust your brush to do its job properly. If you scrub your face hard it could cause pain, make your skin red, and even cause a breakout.

Always go over your face in circular motions. This is the best motion for leaving your skin smooth and silky when you are done.

Never over do it. Some people can exfoliate daily but others have sensitive skin which makes it better for them to exfoliate every few days. There is no need to rush. The key thing is to be consistent over time.

Follow these tips and you will have healthy, vibrant skin showing in no time!

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