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Urban Spa Haircare with ambassador Emma

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

We caught up with Urban Spa Haircare Ambassador, Emma Langford. A beauty influencer, with a penchant for playing polo, Emma is passionate about style and sustainability. She’s the daughter of Stephen Langford, Sales Director for Urban Spa Haircare. And we’re so happy to share her story with you.


What’s your favourite Urban Spa haircare product and how do you use it in your routine?

My favourite Urban Spa hair product is the Hair Hero oil. I really like how it is so versatile because it works as a hair oil – I just spray a small amount on my hands after I have styled my hair and run it through concentrating on the ends first, then work my way up to the roots (when I have less product on my hands). I have dyed my hair a lot throughout the years so it is very dry, especially on the ends, so it really helps it to not be as ‘dead’. Also, another great use for it, if you have a sunburn it helps it go away faster if you just spray it on your skin. Multi-functional product.

How has your personal hair style evolved? What’s your favourite way to express it on social media? 

My personal hair style have evolved so much over the last 6 years or so, since I started getting into the beauty world and my parents let me dye and cut my hair. I’ve gone from everything from having normal coloured hair to bright purple hair with blue highlights, to shaving the side of my hair off. My favourite way to express it on social media would be though Instagram. When I was dying my hair different colours I always would match my Instagram theme to the colour of my hair. I love that the Urban Spa Haircare products are safe for colour-treated hair and have ingredients I can trust. 


What have you learned watching your dad’s successful career in the beauty industry?

I have learned so much growing up with a dad that works in the beauty industry. I’ve never had any formal training in the beauty world. Everything that I have ever learned about this industry and beauty was started by my dad, and then developed through watching Youtube videos and just trying to recreate what they were doing online. I truly think that if it wasn’t for my dad, then I wouldn’t like it as much as I do.


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