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We love opportunities to share our message of more beauty, less trash. If you’re a member of the media and would like to interview Jennifer Lewis or write about Urban Spa, please send an email to See below for additional information.



Jennifer Lewis’ commitment has always been to build a business with integrity and compassion. She was raised with a social justice awareness thanks to her minister mother and a strong business sense thanks to her banker father.


As a teenager, Jennifer witnessed the ocean's plastic pollution problem firsthand during a sailing trip from Florida to the Bahamas. During her pregnancy years later, she became more aware of the toxins found in personal care products and their impact on our health. Jennifer realized that global issues needed solving. Fueled by the desire to protect the next generation, she was inspired to create social change through business.


These journeys galvanized her to build a brand that would protect human health AND our ecosystems. The brand began with exfoliating products designed for Burt's Bees, an iconic natural brand. In 2015, Jennifer would branch Urban Spa off, rebrand, and expand the collection to include makeup brushes. Following success in the natural health industry, Jennifer decided to expand yet again and create sustainable, quality hair care products.


In 2019, Urban Spa Hair Care launched its high-performing natural formulations packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum canisters that contain 92% less plastic than average brands. The hair care also included revolutionary bag-on-valve technology, a modern dispensing system that uses only compressed air (and no chemical propellants) to dispense 99% of the product and protect it from air and water contamination. It was a move that made quality hair care with healthy ingredients and sustainable packaging attainable for everyone.


Urban Spa’s mission has always been a powerful and simple one: to empower consumers to eliminate plastic with high-performing natural products.


Jennifer has always taken pride in Urban Spa’s business model of sustainability. She set out to create brands designed to help build a world of more beauty and less trash with purposeful products that improve health, reduce consumers’ eco-impact, and create positive change. Better beauty for a better planet.



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