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Why we love natural sea sponges and you should, too!

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

Natural sea sponges are all the rage in the sustainable, green beauty space, but what exactly are they?  How are they used? Why do fans of Mother Earth prefer the natural sea sponge to the synthetic variety? There are so many benefits to these gifts from the sea, you’ll want to read on to see why you should add these beauties to your beauty arsenal now!


What is a sea sponge?

The sea sponge is a simple, aquatic invertebrate with a dense, porous skeleton and a jelly-like material that is encased by two layers of cells. While natural sea sponges grow primarily in saltwater, some of the more than 8,000 species of sea sponges can be found in fresh water and estuaries, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US Department of Commerce.


Urban Spa sources its natural, sustainable sea sponges from the Bahamas, where spongers harvest the creatures from rocks and coral nestled in the Bahamian waters. While some spongers dive for sea sponges, Bahamian spongers often work from small boats, using long, 10- to 12-foot poles to cut the sponges from their resting spots, leaving enough sponge remaining to help ensure the sponges will regrow after harvesting (very much like hair regrows after a haircut).


What can you use a natural sea sponge for?

You can use a sea sponge for just about anything you use a synthetic sponge for. Sea sponges can be used for household cleaning but we love to uses sea sponges for gently cleaning the skin on our bodies and faces. Natural sea sponges work beautifully when you want to apply a nice, sudsy lather to smooth and gently exfoliate skin and are also awesome for applying makeup gently and evenly. Simply moisten the sea sponge, dab on a small amount of makeup and apply.


What are the benefits of using a natural sea sponge?

Unlike synthetic sponges, which aren’t biodegradable or durable, natural sea sponges are earth friendly and sustainable! Not only do they last for years and years, they break down safely and naturally once disposed, which means they don’t harm the environment.

Did we mention that natural sea sponges are also sustainable? Of course we did! That’s because along with being biodegradable, sea sponges regrow when harvested properly. According to NOAA, sea sponges also benefit the ecosystems of coral reefs, by filtering watering where they collect bacteria and process carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous, among other benefits.


How do you clean a sea sponge?

For daily cleaning, simply rinse your sea sponge in water until any soap or makeup residue is removed. If you’d like to deep clean your natural sea sponge, you can soak your sponge for 15 minutes in a mixture of baking soda and warm water (1 tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water). Next, rinse the sponge thoroughly and allow to air dry.


Why choose Urban Spa for your natural sea sponge needs?

Let us count the ways! Not only do we only purchase sea sponges that are sustainably harvested, our sponges are never bleached, and they are delivered to your door in recyclable packaging. We also offer different sizes! Whether you’re looking for a soft sponge for your little one, a tool for makeup application, or a gentle exfoliating wash for yourself – the sea sponge is a great choice. Choose from our large All Natural Sea Sponge (suitable for bath or shower time), the Fabulous Face Sea Sponges multi-pack or grab both! Yes, definitely grab both.


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