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Tips for Celebrating Spring the Sustainable Way

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

At Urban Spa we love everything about spring, which runs starting March 20th through June 21st. Not only does the season signify the end of winter’s cold, snowy days, it gives us hope for new beginnings and warmer days ahead. Heck, it’s a season to celebrate! It’s also great time to celebrate our planet by practicing what we preach: living sustainably. Check out the tips below for a little inspiration on how to live sustainably this spring. 


Celebrate spring by recycling more


If you’re into green living like us, recycling is a non-negotiable. That being said, we can all do a better job, right? A few ways to beef up your recycling routine might include:


  • Help co-workers recycle more by setting up a recycling station in your breakroom, with tips on what to recycle and how.
  • Out for lunch with plastic food containers as the only option? Keep a washable tote in your car or office to stash used plastics until you can clean and recycle them.
  • Recycle more hair and beauty product containers! These are often overlooked and are filling up local landfills.

Want to increase your impact and boost recycling efforts on a global basis? Embrace the mission of Global Recycling Day (celebrated March 18) and raise your voice! Whether you express your concerns about recycling to local or world leaders, or teach a child how recycling and living a sustainable lifestyle can help save our planet, your words count.


Show Mother Earth some love 


We’ll be celebrating Earth Day in April and World Ocean Day in June, so why not spend time enjoying and protecting the great outdoors in a sustainable way? Mother Earth will feel the love when you:


  • Think sustainably when planning your gardening and landscaping efforts. Choose sustainable plants that are pest and disease resistant, drought tolerant, non-invasive, native to your area, and long-living.
  • Walk, cycle, or take public transit to local parks, festivals, and cafes instead of driving. Not only will you reduce your carbon foot print, you’ll get some terrific exercise, too.
  • Take a more sustainable approach to spring cleaning by replacing toxic cleaning products with environmentally friendly alternatives. Opt for natural fiber scrubbers and sponges, then use vinegar, water and baking soda as your cleaning solution (it really works!).
  • Be more proactive about the no-more-plastic-straws revolution by frequenting restaurants that have switched to paper straws, including a request for no plastic straws and utensils when placing food delivery and takeout orders, and using washable, aluminum straws in lieu of single-use plastic ones.

Looking for more ideas on how to live sustainably? 


At Urban Spa, we love to shine a spotlight on sustainable beauty, so you can help save the earth simply by caring for your hair and skin. We use sustainable packaging and natural ingredients in our salon quality beauty products, making it easier for you to celebrate spring the sustainable way.


Celebrate Mother Earth by shopping Urban Spa’s earth friendly products today!




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