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Holiday Gift Guide: Sustainable Brands for Eco-friendly Gifting

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

We love the holiday season (joyous energy, decorations, & quality time), but one thing we could do without is the extra waste produced during this time of year.


In fact, in the United States and Canada, household waste increases an average of 25% during the holiday season which adds up to nearly 25 million more tons of garbage in the US and 545,000 tons in Canada. (That’s A LOT of waste!)


Reducing your environmental impact during the holidays doesn’t have to be hard. We invite you to make a simple shift by shopping from sustainable companies that love Mother Earth as much as you do. Here are some of our favorites.


Pyrrha offers beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that is also sustainable. In fact, they’re mission is to “to make meaningful and sustainable jewelry that fosters connection through personal storytelling.” So, skip the mass-produced, factory-made fashion jewelry and opt for something that is personal, quality-made, AND good for the planet. Available in a wide range of styles and prices. Shop Pyrrha.


Encircled is a luxury clothing brand with a commitment to create clothes that “look, feel and do good.” What began as an idea to create clothing that could be worn in multiple ways evolved into a mission to design beautiful, long-lasting clothes made with sustainable fabrics and manufacturing practices. Versatile, trendless, incredibly comfortable, and eco-friendly – not hard to see why it’s one of our favorites. Shop Encircled


Buck Naked® Soap Company creates all-natural, vegan, handcrafted skin care products that are good for your skin and the earth. From soaps to bath bombs and bubble bath to wax candle melts, you’re sure to find something your friends and family will love. All products are chemical-free and made using only pure, natural ingredients. Their mantra: if you can’t (or shouldn’t) eat it, we won’t use it. Shop Buck Naked® Soap Company.


Girlfriend Collective’s clothing line is great-looking, high-quality, and - of course - sustainable. (Plus, they’re packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable!) All of their clothes are made from recycled materials, and they practice ethical manufacturing. They have a simple yet powerful belief: “old water bottles and fishing nets look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans.” We love a comfy sweatsuit during the winter! Shop Girlfriend Collective.


Ethical Swag is our go-to for corporate gifting. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for your clients or something special for your team, they’ve got what you need. Find customizable, sustainable swag ranging from apparel to bags and wellness products that are quality-made and eco-friendly. Shop Ethical Swag.


This list wouldn’t be complete without highlighting our own limited time only holiday gift bundles. Starting at $14.99, you’ll find the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. Shop our Beauty Love (& Totally Vegan), Manicure & Pedicure, and Beautiful Face Gift Sets or our At-home Spa Kit. All gift sets are sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty free. (Plus, we have a few vegan offerings too!)


Or create-your-own gift basket loaded with sustainable beauty products! From our all-natural sea sponge and body buffers to our customer-favorite Must-Have Moisturizing Gloves and Speaks Volumes Volumizing bundle, we have what you need to create the perfect beauty-engaged holiday gift basket.


Celebrate the holiday season the sustainable way.


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