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Avoid Shampoo Waste and Save the Environment Too!

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

It doesn’t matter what shampoo we use, inevitably, the dreaded “Shampoo Glob” shows up. The Shampoo Glob is that wasteful, frustrating mess that occurs around the cap.  Either it spills out, or globs together, making it difficult to use.


The Shampoo Glob is frustrating, as well as wasteful, because it’s hard to get all of the shampoo out of the bottle. Plastic bottles–whether they’re holding shampoo or laundry detergent or lotion – are inherently terrible at squeezing out the last drops of whatever product is inside.


So, do you want to avoid the mess, overcome the waste, and help the environment?


Urban Spa uses a revolutionary bottle solution called “Bag on Valve (BOV).” BOV technology uses a foil bag (similar to a Capri sun pouch), and this pouch is placed inside an aluminum can, making it easy to use, fresh each time, and eliminates waste. In fact, you’ll be able to use 99% of the product! 



Urban Spa’s founder, Jennifer Lewis selected Bag On Valve because of its seamless delivery system. The one-way valve system keeps air and water out of the shampoo product, so no oxidation can occur. This keeps your shampoo fresh every day – as fresh as the first day you first open it!


Better yet…because of our commitment to the environment, we place the BOV in an aluminum can, to ensure its recyclable. This can which qualifies for the blue bin recycling program and is 75% more efficient to recycle. In total, Urban Spa shampoo and conditioner bottles are 92% less plastic than traditional bottles. In fact, only a small nub and the button is the only plastic used on the bottles


There are 3 reasons why Urban Spa’s revolutionary Bag on Valve technology is such a hit with customers:

  • The BOV technology allows us to use clean, ingredients, avoiding toxins.
  • The BOV features are more user friendly, and also safe for the environment.
  • The best part – no more shaking the bottle, tapping it endlessly, or trying to clear away the globs that form around the cap.

If you haven’t tried the Urban Spa Bag on Valve product, it's time to make a change. Shop Urban Spa hair care today!

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